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Download Page Paper Models of Polyhedra (PDF-files)

A selection of the paper models is available in one document:
- Thin lines (PDF)(2587K)
- Medium thick lines (PDF)(2587K)

Ziped PDF
- Thin lines (PDF -Zip)(300K)
- Medium thick lines (PDF-Zip)(300K)

I advise you to use the 'thin lines' version. The lines are almost invisible on the completed model

New PDF-files
truncated icosahedron (large)
truncated icosidodecahedron (large)
snub dodecahedron (Left-handed large)
triangular prism (large)
snub cube (Right-handed large)
snub cube (Left-handed large)
rectangular prism (large)
rhombicosidodecahedron (large)
truncated dodecahedron (large)
truncated cuboctahedron (large)
rhombicuboctahedron (large)
truncated cube (large)

Platonic Solids
Pictures of Platonic Solids
dodecahedron on pedestal
dodecahedron (large)
tetrahedron on pedestal
tetrahedron (large)
cube on pedestal
cube (large)
octahedron on pedestal
octahedron (large)
icosahedron on pedestal
icosahedron (large)

Archimedean Solids
Pictures of Archimedean Solids
cuboctahedron (large)
icosidodecahedron (large)
truncated tetrahedron
truncated tetrahedron (large)
truncated octahedron
truncated octahedron (large)
truncated cube
truncated cube (large)
rhombicuboctahedron (large)
truncated cuboctahedron
truncated cuboctahedron (large)
truncated icosidodecahedron
truncated icosidodecahedron (large)
snub cube
snub cube (Left-handed large)
snub cube (Right-handed large)
snub dodecahedron
snub dodecahedron (Left-handed large)
truncated icosahedron (football)
black and white truncated icosahedron (soccerball)
truncated icosahedron (large)
truncated dodecahedron
truncated dodecahedron (large)
rhombicosidodecahedron (large)

Kepler-Poinsot Polyhedra
Pictures of Kepler-Poinsot Polyhedra
great icosahedron
great dodecahedron
small stellated dodecahedron
small stellated dodecahedron on pedestal
great stellated dodecahedron

Other Uniform Polyhedra
Pictures of Other Uniform Polyhedra
small rhombihexahedron
small cubicuboctahedron
small dodecicosidodecahedron
small rhombidodecahedron
small dodecahemiododecahedron
1. small ditrigonal icosidodecahedron
2. small ditrigonal icosidodecahedron. No inner lines in the pentagrams
3. small ditrigonal icosidodecahedron. Like the gif images (with inner lines in the pentag
small snub icosicosidodecahedron
small icosihemidodecahedron

Pictures of Compounds
stella octangula
compound of cube and octahedron
compound of dodecahedron and icosahedron
compound of two cubes
compound of three cubes
compound of four cubes
compound of five cubes
compound of five octahedra
compound of five tetrahedra
compound of five tetrahedra (mirror image)
compound of truncated icosahedron and pentakisdodecahedron
compound of truncated icosahedron and pentakisdodecahedron (color)

Pictures of Pyramids
square pyramids
cheops pyramid
regular pentagonal pyramid
multi side base pyramids
LED-light lampshade hexagonal pyramid
pyramids of the same height
pyramids same height and diameter

Concave Pyramids
Pictures of Concave Pyramids
star pyramids
Pentagrammic pyramid (high)
standing pentagrammic pyramid
Illuminated standing pentagrammic pyramid
asymmetric pentagrammic pyramid
hexagrammic pyramid

Truncated Pyramids
Pictures of Truncated Pyramids
truncated pyramids of the same height
truncated square pyramid
truncated star pyramids
oblique truncated pyramid
vertical truncated square pyramid

Pictures of Dipyramids
star dipyramids
pentagrammic star on pedestal
pentagrammic star on pedestal ( 2)
pentagrammic star on hexagonal pedestal
pentagrammic star on hexagrammic pedestal
standing pentagrammic dipyramid
regular pentagonal dipyramid
icosagonal dipyramid and other tetracontahedra

Other Pyramids
Pictures of Other Pyramids
asymmetric square pyramids
rhombic pyramids
imperfect pyramids
twisted pyramid
compound of two asymmetric pyramid
compound of two asymmetric pyramid version 2
Compound two different asymmetric pyramids
Compound of two asymmetric pyramids of different sizes
Compound of two asymmetric pyramids (color)
compound of two truncated asymmetric pyramids
three pyramids that form a cube
six square pyramids that form a cube
six triangular pyramids that form a cube
bent pyramid
bent pyramid in color
step pyramid (pyramid of Djoser)
step pyramid of Djoser in color
five triangular pyramids in a cube
five square pyramids in a cube
pentagonal-decagonal pyramid
square-octagonal pyramid

Pictures of Prisms
triangular prism
triangular prism in color
triangular prism (large)
rectangular prism
rectangular prism in color
rectangular prism (large)
pentagonal prism
hexagonal prism
heptagonal prism
octagonal prism
enneagonal prism
decagonal prism
hendecagonal prism
dodecagonal prism

Pictures of Antiprisms
rectangular antiprism
pentagonal antiprism
hexagonal antiprism
heptagonal antiprism
octagonal antiprism
enneagonal antiprism
decagonal antiprism

Concave Prisms
Pictures of Concave Prisms
pentagrammic prism
hexagrammic prism
concave hexagonal prism

Concave Antiprisms
Pictures of Concave Antiprisms
pentagrammic antiprism
hexagrammic antiprism

Other Prisms
Pictures of Other Prisms
trapezoidal prism
oblique rectangular prism
oblique pentagonal prism
oblique rhombic prism
twisted rectangular prism
truncated hexagonal prism
twisted decagonal prism
twisted hexagonal prisms
twisted pentagonal prisms
twisted triangular prisms
twisted dodecagonal prisms
twisted octagonal prisms

Other Polyhedra
Pictures of Other Polyhedra
pentagonal hexecontahedron
pentagonal icositetrahedron
square trapezohedron
rhombic dodecahedron
great rhombihexacron
small triakisoctahedron
small triambic icosahedron
faceted sphericons (nine models)
faceted sphericon (40 faces) and other tetracontahedra
hybrid faceted sphericon
half faceted sphericons
third stellation of the icosahedron
sixth stellation of the icosahedron
seventh stellation of the icosahedron
eighth stellation of the icosahedron
ninth stellation of the icosahedron
final stellation of the icosahedron
Faces of stellations of the icosahedron
Seven obelisks (square pentagonal hexagonal heptagonal octagonal decagonal conical)
cubic shape 1
cubic shape 2
cubic shape 3
cubic shape 4
cubic shape 5
cubic shape 6
half archimedean solids
black and white half truncated-icosahedron (half football)
decagonal dipyramidal antiprism and other tetracontahedra
pentagonal-pentagrammic shape
prolate heptacontadihedron
semi prolate heptacontadihedron
prolate hectohexecontadihedron
semi prolate hectohexecontadihedron
faceted oloid
tetrakis hexahedron
truncated icosahedron variations
football star
decagonal solids
standing pentagram

Pictures of Kaleidocycles
hexagonal kaleidocycle
hexagonal kaleidocycles in color
half closed hexagonal kaleidocycle
open hexagonal kaleidocycle
quarter closed hexagonal kaleidocycle
seven twelfths closed hexagonal kaleidocycle
octagonal kaleidocycle
closed octagonal kaleidocycle
closed octagonal kaleidocycle in color
half closed octagonal kaleidocycle
decagonal kaleidocycle
closed decagonal kaleidocycle
half closed decagonal kaleidocycle
tetrakaidecagonal kaleidocycle
closed tetrakaidecagonal kaleidocycle
half closed tetrakaidecagonal kaleidocycle
closed dodecagonal kaleidocycle
dodecagonal kaleidocycle
half closed dodecagonal kaleidocycle

Other Paper Models
Pictures of Other Paper Models
tapared cylinder
asymmetric cone
oval cone
square cone
square truncated cone
cubotruncated cone
three quarter sphericon
matryoshka house
matryoshka house (half size)
houses with vanishing point
half oloid
quarter oloid
three quarter oloid
oblique cylinder
oblique truncated cylinder
football house
paper model Christmas tree
paper model Christmas tree (no holes)
paper model hexagrammic Christmas tree
paper model hexagrammic Christmas tree (no holes)
top star for paper model Christmas tree
small hexagonal Christmas tree
small hexagrammic Christmas tree
medium hexagrammic Christmas tree
top star Christmas tree
icosahedron Christmas tree topper
Trapezohedron Christmas baubles
Seven obelisks (square pentagonal hexagonal heptagonal octagonal decagonal conical)
football trophy
football trophy (2)
faceted sphericons (nine models)
faceted sphericon (40 faces) and other tetracontahedra
hybrid faceted sphericon

Polyhedra Collections
Tetrahedra Collection (more than  35 tetrahedra models): (ziped pdf-file 1.3 Mb) 
Tetrahedra Collection (more than  35 tetrahedra models): (7 Mb) 
Coloring tetrahedra
Dodecahedra Collection (18 dedecahedra):(ziped pdf-file 5 Mb)
Dodecahedra Collection (18 dedecahedra):(22 Mb)
LED-light lampshade dodecahedron
All Platonic Solids and Archimedean solids in color (19 models): (pdf-file 380 Kb)
All Platonic Solids and Archimedean solids in light color (19 models): (pdf-file 170 Kb)
Seven Archimedean solids and the matching Platonic solids (16 models): (pdf-file 340 Kb)
Kepler-Poinsot Polyhedra  in color (4 polyhedra in small and large size): ( pdf-file 320 K
Compounds of Cubes and Compounds of Platonic Solids with Duals: (pdf-file 750 Kb)
Platonic Solids in color divided in two: (pdf-file 100 Kb)
Platonic Solids divided in two: (pdf-file 70 Kb)
Platonic Solids in color with duals inside: (pdf-file 330 Kb)
Platonic Solids with duals inside: (pdf-file 90 Kb)
5 Stellations of the Icosahedron: (pdf-file 350 Kb) 

Prism Collections
Collection of prisms (850 kB)
Collection of Antiprisms (635 kB)
Collection of Concave Prisms and Anitprisms (PDF: 430 kB)


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