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Paper Faceted Sphericons

Paper model isosceles dodecahedron

Isosceles Dodecahedron:
Number of faces: 12
Number of edges: 18
Number of vertices: 8

hexakaidecahedron paper model hexakaidecahedron

Number of faces: 16
Number of edges: 24
Number of vertices: 10

isosceles icosahedron paper model isosceles icosahedron

Isosceles Icosahedron:
Number of faces: 20
Number of edges: 30
Number of vertices: 12

icositetrahedron icositetrahedron

Number of faces: 24
Number of edges: 36
Number of vertices: 14

icosioctahedron faceted sphericons

Number of faces: 28
Number of edges: 42
Number of vertices: 16

tricontidihedron tricontidihedron

Number of faces: 32
Number of edges: 48
Number of vertices: 18


Number of faces: 36
Number of edges: 54
Number of vertices: 20

Paper model tetracontahedron

Number of faces: 40
Number of edges: 60
Number of vertices: 22

Paper model hecatohedron Paper model hecatohedron

Number of faces: 100
Number of edges: 150
Number of vertices: 52

hybrid faceted sphericon hybrid faceted sphericon

Hybrid Faceted Sphericon:

Faceted Sphericons nets for making the shapes

faceted sphericons (nine models) (.PDF)
faceted sphericon (40 faces) and other tetracontahedra (.PDF)
hybrid faceted sphericon (.PDF)
Print the PDF file to make the paper model.

Net tetracontahedron or faceted sphericon

Net hybrid faceted sphericon

Paper models:
Paper models of half faceted sphericons
Paper models of sphericons
Three isosceles tetracontahedra

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