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Pictures of Prisms

Paper model triangular prism triangular prism in color

Triangular Prism
Number of faces: 5
Number of edges: 9
Number of vertices: 6

Paper model rectangular prism or cuboid rectangular prism or cuboid in color

Rectangular Prism
Number of faces: 6
Number of edges: 12
Number of vertices: 8

Paper model pentagonal prism

Pentagonal Prism
Number of faces: 7
Number of edges: 15
Number of vertices: 10

Paper model hexagonal prism

Hexagonal Prism
Number of faces: 8
Number of edges: 18
Number of vertices: 12

Paper model heptagonal prism

Heptagonal Prism
Number of faces: 9
Number of edges: 21
Number of vertices: 14

Paper model octagonal prism

Octagonal Prism
Number of faces: 10
Number of edges: 24
Number of vertices: 16

Paper model enneagonal prism

Enneagonal Prism
Number of faces: 11
Number of edges: 27
Number of vertices: 18

Paper model decagonal prism

Decagonal Prism
Number of faces: 12
Number of edges: 30
Number of vertices: 20

hendecagonal prism paper model hendecagonal prism

Hendecagonal Prism
Number of faces: 13
Number of edges: 33
Number of vertices: 22

Paper model dodecagonal prism

Dodecagonal Prism
Number of faces: 14
Number of edges: 36
Number of vertices: 24

Paper models:
concave prism
concave antiprism
other prism
Paper Models of Prisms (PDF: 850 kB)


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